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Ravenna is famous for its Byzantine mosaics, a UNESCO heritage site which hides many treasures that deserve to be seen. The Byzantine mosaics are joined by the stone carpets, the hanging gardens, Dante’s area, the historic centre with the history of the Rasponi and Da Polenta families and their bloody intrigues in the palace. The outskirts offer the Mausoleum of Theodoric framed by a green park that can be covered on foot and Classe is home to 3 equally fascinating sites with the Byzantine Basilica, the Classis Museum and the ancient port of Classe.

Ravenna and its ancient origin. An immersion from archaeology to the Middle Ages.
A walk among the sites that host the greatest and best known expressions of Byzantine mosaic.
Ravenna is not only a city of art but is a half of sea, hills, mosaics, good food and exciting and overwhelming stories. 5 days to really savor them.
The Byzantine Ravenna, Dante Alighieri and the most famous natural areas around Ravenna. All seasoned with typical products and good wine.
Ravenna with its Byzantine mosaics, unusual stories and a visit to the famous San Marino
From the Classis Museum we will discover the wonderful sites that make Ravenna a city to visit NOT ONLY for the most famous Byzantine mosaics of the historic center.
A day to discover the main wonders of the historic center of Ravenna.