Enhancing Professional Growth Through Dynamic Experiences

Team building offers companies a significant opportunity by introducing a new and dynamic method of professional growth while simultaneously rewarding the entire involved staff. Its organization demands substantial effort from the office/manager in charge, involving the selection of activities, meeting rooms, accommodations, locations, and transportation.

Our expertise and competence, united with an excellent understanding of the territory, enable us to swiftly and effectively interact with the corporate representative, making their work smoother and more efficient.

Our areas of expertise encompass the entire Romagna region: Ravenna, Ravenna’s Beaches, Cervia, Milano Marittima, as well as the hinterlands of Forlì, Faenza, and Cesena. Over the years, we have established important partnerships that also extend our reach to the Bologna area and the Motor Valley.

Below are some of the most requested team building experiences, all customizable and adaptable based on the objective and corporate values. We remain open to creating entirely new experiences tailored to your needs.

lsiasi esperienza ex novo.


A team competition where harmony and coordination take the lead. Gear preparation, safety protocols, and timing are all essential for emerging as winners. Teams are formed by small groups of 2 or 3 people, who will race against time. The combined times will determine the winning team.<br />


27 holes to challenge your concentration and mental calmness. An opportunity to test your potential with the guidance of professional instructors. A full-day experience combining training and competition, which can conclude with a well-deserved sunset aperitif or dinner.


The practice of yoga in all its facets contributes to mental and physical well-being. A half-day experience to learn to focus on the present while maintaining calmness and concentration. A wellness experience to be shared with the team as a conclusion to an intensive corporate gathering.


Stand Up Paddleboarding provides various teamwork opportunities. Presented as a timed race where everyone competes against each other, or as a relay where small teams support and encourage one another, or even as a group outing where the goal is to relax and enjoy time with your work team. Summer edition only.


It requires technical and creative commitment. Different teams will engage in creating mini-golf holes to challenge their colleagues. A challenge of genious, technique, and teamwork.


A team competition against time. Questions about music, general knowledge, logic... where the fastest to answer earns points. But be careful, as incorrect answers result in negative scores. Only one console per team, demanding problem-solving skills, quick consultation, leadership, and team trust.


Learn the art of ingredient blending and perfect balance. A team of professionals will teach the basics of creating classic cocktails for you to experiment with. With guidance in hand, your team will try to create a new ``product`` that represents your corporate values in taste and blend, accompanied by a fitting promotional campaign.


Learn the art of mosaic by preparing the base, cutting tiles, and laying them to create the company logo. Choose alternative colors to bring a touch of originality and a renewed perspective from the team. Award the team that completes an original and precise work in the shortest time possible.


Teams will engage in preparing traditional local recipes. A skilled azdora (local cook) will provide guidance and some tips on approaching traditional dishes, while the team's challenge will be to create an excellent dish in the shortest time possible. A mystery box version could make the experience even more intriguing.


Engage in grape harvesting along the rows to experience nature and pay attention to the little things. Follow the grape harvesting process, have lunch on the hills, and in the afternoon, learn about the art of wines and their flavors. Available for a full day or half day. Enjoy lunch or an aperitif in the vineyard.


The atmosphere and allure of the Prancing Horse. An immersive experience which offers private events, catering, and expert-guided tours for a unique journey. Combine it with the Enzo Ferrari Museum and the opportunity to witness the work of one of the world's most renowned teams.


1 or 2 days in which participants will face challenges and step out of their comfort zone. Guided by a professional survival expert, you will engage in survival kits, knots, emergency shelters, fire ignition, rope crossings, orienteering, archery, self-rescue, and food transformation. An opportunity to test and develop your skills.