Riviera Experience stems from a long-standing experience in the tourism sector with the aim of providing a FREE platform for consulting and booking activities/experiences available in the area, in response to the inquiries of guests staying in local accommodations.
Based on our field experience, guests often visit the reception to seek information or advice regarding activities, whether they are sports, hiking, or cultural activities. However, too often, especially during the peak season, the staff struggles to provide quick and concise responses.

So, what are the OPPORTUNITIES when using the Riviera Experience platform:

  1. One-click Booking on Behalf of the Customer: Enable quick bookings on behalf of the customer with just a few clicks.
  2. Provide Simple Yet Fast Information: Offer straightforward and swift information to meet the guests’ inquiries.
  3. Empower Self-Service Reservations: Allow customers to make reservations independently, utilizing our user-friendly brochure.

Riviera Experience aims to gather all the most captivating activities within the Ravenna territory, both along the coast and inland, under a single platform

RIVIERA EXPERIENCE is intended for:

  • Accommodation facilities
  • Individual tourists
  • Organized tourism
  • Small and large groups
  • Citizens and residents


The work in the field over the past few years has highlighted not only the interest from hotels, B&Bs, and campsites but also a positive response from individual tourists and local residents. The expansion of the market has thus led to the need for an enlargement of the offered services.

Currently, Riviera Experience, an incoming travel agency, specializes in:

  • Experiences
  • Incoming services
  • Organized groups
  • Travel agencies and tour operators
  • Outgoing services
  • Team Building
  • Wedding destination

Our goal is to make your vacation ADVENTUROUS with:

  • Always new and unusual tours on the calendar
  • Sports
  • Excursions
  • Winery visits


Available for purchase online and usable within 48 hours.
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Is it possible to organize a vacation independently? Absolutely! But who better than a local knows how to find the most unique, unusual, and ‘off-the-beaten-path’ solutions? Riviera takes care of arranging accommodation packages or excursion packages in the area for individuals, families, or organized groups

Accommodation proposals in Ravenna and its surroundings dedicated to small or large organized groups arriving in Ravenna. Day trips, weekend getaways, or extended stays.

  • Accommodation
  • guided tours
  • transportation
  • ticketing for experiences.

As a point of reference in the area for agencies and tour operators organizing groups or individuals in Ravenna. On-site correspondents, escorts, and/or on-location services.

We don’t know how to stand still. Riviera organizes everything from day trips to exotic travels. Our strength? We don’t offer all destinations, but only those where we are certain that our on-site correspondent will welcome and guide you like a friend

Possibility of organized trips and tourist villages for large international groups(ALPITOUR, EDEN VIAGGI)